Feasiblity Studies

Business Planning and Feasibility Studies.

Businesses are born with a great idea; however, not everyone who has a great view has the necessary grounding and background in business to understand the nuances, challenges and opportunities of the market. Political, Economic, Social & Technological factors all play a role in determining the environment your business idea is entering. Developing a robust business plan is the initial step, a step that demonstrates your ability and commitment to identifying and understanding the business context, which is vital when approaching investors, banks and financial institutions for backing and support. An essential aspect of business planning is conducting the required feasibility study to articulate the notion into a real business step-by-step.  

 Our key planning is to be proactive in our advising process.

Any business plan will include :


1) An Executive summary which gives a quick snap of the business.

2) Company description which describes what your business will be doing.

3) Market analysis research for industry, market, and your competitors.

4) Organization structure and company management.

5) Service or product that you plan to sell or offer.

6) Marketing and sales how will potential clients get to know your products and services market and what sales strategy is your business planning to execute.

7) Funding, are you planning to raise the required working capital solely or seek venture capitalist

8) Financial projections - information such as balance sheets, income statement and cash flows.​​

Our Approach: is based on the 5 Phased international proven approach

Examining the project surrounding and understand your responsibility or so-called Environmental study will demand that you:


  • Prepare the study of the environment to clarify the details of the projects and their impact on the environment and the possible adverse effects of this economic trend on the environment.

  • Provide recommendations for steps to prevent or reduce environmental damage resulting from any project and to increase positive environmental benefits.

  • Evaluation of project impacts on public health, environmental conservation and population welfare in the project area.

  • Identify the environmental issues that the project will cause and estimate its actual cost.

  • Proposing mitigation mechanisms arising from project implementation.

  • Environmental impact assessment of the project to assist in the selection of alternative sites in case of high environmental impact. 

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