Accounting & Bookkeeping Services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Accounting & bookkeeping services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai by Assist Plus for your business helps to manage your finances. Managing your accounts and keeping a detailed report of your books is vital to keep your firm running smoothly. As a business owner, you need to analyze your company's risk, profit, and market scope to be a leader in the industry and the local or international marketplace. In addition, recording the inflow and outflow of capital allows you to smoothly manoeuvre the various business operations and limit the expenses, which can drive your company towards success.

Corporate tax is coming mid-next year, and whether your company is subject to corporate tax or below the taxable income threshold, you should maintain organized books of accounts and have a robust accounting system in place in preparation for the expected implementation of corporate tax in UAE.


Businesses of all sizes strongly recommend keeping clear account records and holding audited company financials if they want to make their Corporate Tax season less stressful!


We are here to assist you in this transition.

Successfully Manage Your Finances with the Top Accounting Experts in the UAE.

At Assist Plus, we have managed to create an excellent team of highly experienced, well trained and certified accountants, financial advisors and auditors from all across the world with outstanding qualifications and impressive profiles who can quickly analyze and understand the problem and devise an alternative solution to overcome the issue legitimately. 

Moreover, our accountants understand your day to day business operations, your brand mission and your

position in the market, which makes us an ideal partner of your company. We leverage ours in-depth

knowledge and years of experience in working with a broad spectrum of industries collectively that allow us

to provide premium accounting services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

We Offer You a Comprehensive Range of Accounting and Book-Keeping Services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

At Assist Plus, we give you a chance to completely outsource your accounting operations, giving you the flexibility and time to look over other important aspects of running a company. Our accountants can expertly keep a record of all fiscal activities, financial transactions and company accounts in addition to providing financial forecasting services in Dubai.


We can help you manage your payroll, tax reports, budget planning, fiscal reports, cash flow reports, accounts receivable and accounts payables, creditors and debtors statements, equity reports, balance sheets, annual reports, and budget control daily, weekly, quarterly or yearly basis. You can easily access these reports through our cloud-based software on your computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Our accounting services will include:

  1. Accounting standards and practices are followed when preparing books of accounts.

  2. Preparation of records-keeping arrangements to account for the entries recorded in books of accounts. 

  3. Organization, maintenance and preparation of auditable accounting records.

  4. Prepare Management reports and analysis as per the requirements of management.

  5. Preparation of monthly profit and loss report.

  6. Preparation of balance sheet containing listing of assets and liabilities.

  7. Reporting management on daily activities as required by the management.

  8. Other ad hoc accounting-related work from time to time.

  9. VAT Registration and de-registration.

10. Creation of a chart of accounts that will comply with the requirements of VAT law.

11. Advising a flow of transactions to ensure compliance with VAT Law.

12. Guiding routine accounting activities on the matter relating to the application of VAT.

13. Performing a monthly review of books of accounts for the VAT's impact, appropriate VAT calculations and classification.

14. Filing the VAT return as per the timeframe approved by Authority and as mentioned in tax certificate

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